Summer lessons

Daniel is available to teach/coach both children and adults at his piano studio in Arlington Heights this summer.

He is passionate about developing students' music notation-reading skills while also fostering their creative improvisation abilities and their aural skills (i.e. their capacity to understand music from the inside out and to imitate sounds at the piano). These three skills--reading, improvisation, and imitation--are essential aspects of holistic piano training. Students will improve these skills during the summer, and will continue to enjoy using these skills for the rest of their lives.

Students would progress through a beginning method book with Daniel. (Daniel recommends the Celebrate Piano! beginning method book for young students, and Alfred's Basic Adult series for older students. He is also equipped to teach out of other methods.) In addition to working through a method book, Daniel would teach customized, fun sight-reading, improvisation and play-back exercises focused on developing students' key skills.

Contact Daniel now for more information!